Mud Volcanoes, Azerbaijan

“Mud Volcanoes, Azerbaijan” Azerbaijan is in the first place in the world for the amount of mud volcanoes. Mud volcanoes broadly spread in Azerbaijan. There are about 350 of 800 volcanoes of the world in Azerbaijani Republic. Local people call them “yanardagh” (burning mountain), “pilpila” (terrace), “gaynacha” (boiling water) and “bozdag” (grey mountain) alongside its

A man is hit by sudden illness. Look at how aid is in Holland. TU Delft – Ambulance Drone

Designed and manufactured in the Netherlands drone ambulance: a quadricopter resuscitation able to save lives in the minutes before the arrival of the doctor. The Dutch engineer of 23 years Alec Momont presented in Holland the first prototype of the drone ambulance: A medical bag flying able to bring through a GPS defribrillatore, an oxygen

Horrifying Stories of People Whose Skeletal Were found Years after They Died

42 Years Later After Her Death A Croatian Woman’s Skeletal Remains Are Discovered Hedviga Golik was last seen by her neighbors in 1966. At the time, the woman was 42 years old. Police had made a grim discovery when after years of pleading from neighbors who said the flat had notbeen used since the 1970s

Pink Lake, Western Australia

Pink Lake, Western Australia Lake Hillier is a lake on Middle Island, the largest of the islands and islets that make up the Recherche Archipelago, Western Australia. The most notable feature of the lake is its pink colour. From above the lake appears a solid bubble gum pink. The lake is about 600 meters long,

The world’s loudest sound caused shock waves 100,000 times that of a hydrogen bomb

The loudest sound ever recorded shattered the eardrums of sailers over 50 kilometres away, sent shock waves around the world several times over, and could be heard clearly by 50 geological locations covering over 10 percent of the globe. On 27 August 1883, the Earth made the loudest noise in recorded history. Emanating from the

Free icons – Ballicons – Free License

Ballicon is a Colourful Set of Scalable Icons featuring the flat design trend. These icons were created using Photoshop vector shapes, standard size is 128×128 pixels. Change color, size, and use the Ballicons in your new great projects. Download Free Icon Set Vist & Download:

21 Open Source Web CMS Tools For Developers To Use

Website authoring, collaboration and administration tools are all important for a website. That is why a web CMS tool is so important. These tools combine all these functionalities into one. Web Content Management Systems: Web content management systems are important tools in a developer’s arsenal. When creating a website, these tools make the task much

A Look into UAE’s Richest People Lives

A Look into UAE’s Richest People Lives , Some people just like to flaunt their money. Who wouldn’t buy a lion for a pet if you could afford it? While Europe was flailing in the midst of a Recession, the United Arab Emirates has been making economic waves globally. It’s an area of the world

Yamaha TZR50 WGP 50th Anniversary

Fast Facts about Yamaha TZR50 49.7cc, single-Cylinder, 2-stroke, liquid-cooled Maximum power of 2.68 BHP @ 6250 rpm Maximum torque of 3.0 NM @ 5500 rpm CDI ignition system 280mm front disc and 220mm rear disc 6-speed constant mesh transmission Telescopic front suspension and swing-arm rear suspension

Lion vs Buffalo,Any Bufallo Attacks One Lion!

Lion vs Buffalo,Any Bufallo Attacks One Lion!
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